Wednesday, June 12th



As we all know, the one natural resource missing in Boston is ‘championships’. Unfortunately, that need was not quenched tonight. Boston could not win it’s millionth championship of the new millennium. In this pod, I talk about the Bruins game with a stranger outside a bar for Boston sports fans, and my friend from the Northeast who I used to live with.

Tuesday June 4th

My uploads have been delayed. I try to do night-of, but sometimes I upload next morning. That’s why the track names have been weird. I also got the date wrong at some point while recording. I’m like a wobbly baby deer.

Aaaanyway, Tuesday morning I left my girlfriend’s preschool and caught someone coming from a ‘meeting’. AA. She was wonderful and shared a little story with specifics and told a joke!

Then I caught a man who’s brain seems on the fritz.

Then a gentleman who was very circumspect.

And that’s the game! Sorry they’re so short. If this blows up, I’ll interrupt the conversations about God/Allah/Jesus/Buddha/Bae to sell Casper mattresses, and then I can focus all day on recording.

Thank you!

Monday June 3rd

Ignore the previous post. That one was recorded over the weekend. This one really was recorded Monday June 3rd.

The theme is ‘work sucks’! I had gotten caught with some downtime after a mistake, and I took that time to go out and talk to some very nice people about how their jobs also suck!

Thank you. Enjoy!