stuff I’ve done

Summer 2020 – began writing for The Stonk Market

March 2020 – “I slept an extra 3 hrs and now I have ‘unsubscribe from email list’ energy” upvoted 5.7k on Reddit

October 2019 – “I’m not anti-American, but I would have health care if the British won” gets upvoted 1.5k on Reddit.

July 2019 – Shoot and edit promo for Ginny Hogan’s “Toxic Femininity in the Workplace”

February 2019 – “We get a day off to celebrate presidents but not a day off to vote for them” goes viral on Reddit.

January 2019 – “My girlfriend and I got this cat. We named her Fatima, after a Saudi teenager, because she also is not allowed to go outside” goes viral on Reddit in the wake of Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun fleeing Saudi Arabia.

January 2019 – “Honestly, the worst part of sea level rise will be Florida refugees.” voted up 1.3k on r/whitepeopletwitter

December 2018 – “I was born in the sweet spot: after nuclear weapons drills but before active shooter drills” goes viral on Reddit

November 2018 – “Did You Hear?!” Social Media App, at Little Old Lady Comedy

November 2018 – “Jimmy Buffet Beseeches Parrot Heads To Hear Mother Ocean’s Call And Vote Blue” at Little Old Lady Comedy

October 2018 – David Hogg uses ‘sell two guns’ joke on MSNBC

October 2018 – “FBI Interviews Cesar Sayoc” at Little Old Lady Comedy

September 2018 – Little Old Lady Comedy publishes a leaked email from Betsy DeVos about school safety.

June 2018 – “It’s conceivable schools could end up allowing guns in the classroom but not peanut butter in the lunchroom” goes viral on Reddit r/showerthoughts.

February 2018 – “They say the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, but I think that’s just someone who wants to sell two guns” goes viral on Reddit r/standupshots. A twitter account  steals the joke  for 350,000 likes and 100,000 retweets.

Winter 2016 – Perform for the Bret Snowcroft Center at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC to give a funny perspective some strategic paper or other. It was rated the best think tank event of 2016 by Think Tank Watch. They watch think tanks.

Summer 2016 – somewhere on the internet is the old vlog I created

Summer 2015 – Complete Lady Chatterley’s Lover: Just the Dirty Parts, a book of censored work from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Winter 2014 – Borgman’s Book of Questions on Kickstarter! A book of fake, funny, multiple-choice questions that you can’t get wrong, because they’re just for fun!

Fall 2013 – Web Series ‘Making It‘ with SaintRitaStudios (the patron saint of impossible dreams) on YouTube.

Spring 2013 – complete Speculate, a parody opus of the 2008 financial crisis. Truly, if you’ve scrolled down this far, check it out. It’s a masterpiece.